New York City no longer has the least courteous drivers in the country.  The "least courteous" title now belongs to a city in Texas.

You've probably been there.

Autovantage released its 'In the Driver's Seat Road Rage Survey,' naming both the least and most courteous cities in the US, and it shows Houston to have the rudest drivers in the country.

New York City held that title the last time the report came out and Dallas was in the Top 5.  Now Dallas has dropped out of the Top 5 least courteous, and Houston has vaulted to the top.  Texas is still representin' the rudeness it appears.

What makes a rude driver?  Tailgating, running red lights, cutting others off, making obscene gestures, and fiddling with the smart phone in the car.  Houston has the most rule-breakers in the country, according to the report.