Spring has sprung at Ellen Trout Zoo and I am here to keep you up to date on all the precious baby animals that are being born.

When a raccoon has babies, it's called a kit. Like Knight Rider's car, K.I.T. (Minus a "T") but a lot more cuddly. You would think that since they are all over the place here, seeing raccoons wouldn't be that big a deal. Unless you have one as a personal pet, you never really get a good look at theses cute critters. Much less their babies before they dart back into the woods after eating all of your cat food. Enough chatter, pick up your garbage cans, and lets see some baby animals

Ellen Trout Zoo Raccons

Raccoons! Raccoons have returned to their outdoor habitat at the Ellen Trout Zoo. Our female raccoon gave birth on March 15 and has been raising her FIVE babies in a secluded area off exhibit. She had 4 girls and 1 boy.

The kids are now at the age where they are exploring and have moved to the public exhibit with their mother. They were a big hit with zoo visitors today as they explored their habitat for the first time.

The boy was undersized and struggled early on. He didn't appear to be able to compete well with his larger siblings so he was given supplemental feedings to help. Soon he was holding his own and doing well with his sisters.

So cute and you can watch them grow with a visit to the Ellen Trout Zoo In Lufkin!

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