There is a show coming to the Pines Theater in Lufkin that the kids are going to love.  Hot Peas ‘n Butter is an award-winning, multicultural family music band that has produced eight award-winning albums, plus many of their music videos have been featured on Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon TV.  They entertain thousands of kids every year.  Their shows are so popular with the little ones and the parents because their performances are so interactive -- it lets kids be kids.

Hot Peas ‘n Butter will be appearing for one show only on Saturday, July 16 at the Pines Theater in downtown Lufkin, presented by the Angelina Arts Alliance.  The performance will get underway at 2 p.m., and get this, tickets are only $5 each.

Named for the playground game they played as kids, Hot Peas ‘n Butter incorporates many languages into their performances – English, Spanish, French, Korean and Hebrew just to name a few!

Hot Peas ‘N Butter mixes a number of musical genres into their shows including traditional Latin music, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, jazz, bluegrass, country, and rock.  It's a good thing the Pines Theater recently had its roof renovated because the venue will be rockin' when kids and grown-ups alike will be on their feet dancing and celebrating the good times.

Songs like “Number 1” and their signature Latin beat tracks “Somos Familia,” “Amistad,” “Que Llueva,” and “Round the World” enjoy radio play nationwide. Plus, their live performances have gathered critical acclaim.  The Los Angeles Times praised their "hot and mellow multicultural groove", and the New York Times added, "This serving is the kind that will please musical appetites".

Don't miss out on taking the kids to one of the highlights of the summer in east Texas.  With the tickets at $5/each, this will also be the best entertainment value for the summer.  Click here to get your tickets.

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