I found an article that I wrote back in 2018 urging voters to get out and approve the bond for the new Lufkin Middle School that we have now. I made some good points that still stand about the building that was formerly the Lufkin High School, which was built in 1955, that then became Lufkin Middle School.

Just the savings on the electricity to cool all those separate old buildings was enough to make the new school a no-brainer. There was also the security issue of locking down all those separate buildings in an emergency situation.

Now we fast forward to 2022 and we have a brand new middle school. They are slowly demolishing all of the old buildings around it and clearing out the contents, so we have another chance to purchase a piece of the school's history and repurpose it.

Hicks Estate Sale At Lufkin Middle School

The first sale that they did for all of the contents of the old buildings at the Lufkin Middle school wasn't the last. Hicks Estate Sales are back again and they are showing us some nostalgic pieces from two more buildings scheduled for demolition.

I really like the old TV carts, and I think they would be perfect for repurposing to be used for all kinds of things. They were all overbuilt, and are still functional after all these years.

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They bring back memories of when that TV was wheeled into class and everyone knew that it was going to be a super chill day. Take a look at all the things they have for sale this time.

Buy Some Memories From Lufkin Middle School

A Hicks Estate Sale is going on in more buildings at the Lufkin Middle School.

Last Look At Lufkin Middle School

Before this was Middle School, it was Lufkin High School. Many people have fond memories of their time there. Take a last look before it's gone forever and buy something.

Buy This Boxcar In Lufkin, Texas

If you are seriously into trains, you might have need for your very own boxcar. It could be turned into so many different things. I never see items like this for sale, so this could be your chance.

A New Location For Taco Bell In Lufkin

Take a look at the progress this week at the new location of Taco Bell In Lufkin.

New Lufkin Taco Bell Inside And Out

The new Taco Bell opened up on Timberland Drive in Lufkin and we ran inside for some burritos so come along.

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