Today's (Wednesday April 28th 2021) high winds brought down a light pole and the traffic light with it. The red flashing traffic signal over the intersection at Timberland and South First Street is about 2 feet off the ground now.

Lufkin Fire Department and Lufkin Police Department were immediately on the scene. It miraculously missed all the cars and people that are usually in the area at that time. TX Dot is now on the scene making the repairs.

They will have to replace the wooden pole, and restring the light. Looks like somehow it survived the fall, and didn't actually go all the way to the ground. Signal lights are larger than they look, when viewed from this perspective.

If you have had the great pleasure of ever visiting our radio station, you might know our corner. There are three roads that converge there Raguet, South First, and Timberland.

It's like a round about with no round about. Everyone headed south on Timberland thinks they have the right away. It's kind of a 4 way stop that just turns into a free for all. It's a brain teaser, and wrecks happen there about twice a year, but this is a different level of difficulty.

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You never know what could happen out there on the road. Not only do you have to watch out for your fellow drivers, we should also be looking up to the sky on especially windy days, a few months after an ice storm. I would tread carefully near trees for the next couple of days. Seems like there could be more on a hair trigger.

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