There were lots of places harder hit than Lufkin during the storms that moved though. There was a tornado spotted in Alto, and northeast of Nacogdoches. All of this started finally around 1:45pm this afternoon. Watching the storms really hit while the lights flickered on and off around town, solidified my decision to postpone the KFox Easter Egg Hunt a good one. High winds, hail, and heavy rains hit Lufkin and I took a drive around town seeing more damage than expected.



The light at Janeway and and South First Street, and some at the loop were physically pushed back to the point where you couldn't see them correctly. Luckily when going through the area I could see they were just flashing red, so I could go though at a leisurely pace, after I stopped.


Even the radio station got enough winds to bring down a sizable limb from a tree in our side parking lot. It came down from high up in the tree with enough force to remove the bark from the tree trunk below.
Of course there were the usual leaves all over the roads, but it could have been much worse. As I am writing this, smaller storms are moving through town, and hopefully we have seen the worst of it.

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