Some police academies use CrossFit training programs to get in shape.  It's rigorous, exhausting, and a great way to challenge your body and whip it into great shape.

A 14-year old Austin girl knows first hand how hard it is, and how great it feels to watch the hard work pay off.  

Brooklin Smith isn't sitting around this summer clicking on Facebook and Instagram.  She's at the gym, honing her CrossFit skills, and she's competing in the highly competitive CrossFit Games in California in the newly created Teen Division this week.

KHOU says the qualifying round, Brooklin finished first in the South Central United States region, and tenth in the world.

The CrossFit Games bring together the top athletes worldwide, and for the first time this year they opened up a teen division.

Ever been super inspired by a teen?  Yep, me too.

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