If you know anything about the NBA, then you definitely know the name James Harden. You know, the bearded guy from the Houston Rockets! "Fear The Beard," and all that? What you may not know, is that he hosts a youth basketball camp in Houston. Something else that you may not know, is that an East Texas boy beat him in a game of "RACKS" at that basketball camp.

via Chris Pratt

This is Trig Pratt from New London. He attended the camp that James Harden put on in Houston. Trig was chosen to compete in the game called "RACKS" because he was the best shooter in his age division, eight and under. He got the chance to compete against three other campers that were the best shooters in their divisions, and James Harden, who is one of the best shooters...well, in any division.

We found the video of the competition. The video shows the entire competition, including Trig winning at the end. Check it out:

Now, I understand that Harden wasn't in a clutch, game-on-the-line situation, but the consistency of this East Texas kid is pretty awesome! And, we found out that this wasn't the only competition that Trig won at camp. He also won "Knock Out" in his age division, and his team won the 5-On-5 competition at the camp, as well. He's just seven years-old! This is just the beginning of the basketball road for him!

Plus, he got a pretty cool keepsake picture with "The Beard" himself. You can see it below:

via Chris Pratt