Our news partner KWTX is reporting that Central Texas storms in the Salado area produced a tornado that leveled buildings, downed power lines, uprooted trees, and injured at least 23 people.

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Bell County Judge David Blackburn said out of those injured, 12 people were sent to the hospital, and one appears to be in critical condition.

Path of Tornado in Central Texas

According to Blackburn, the first call about the tornado was around 5:37 p.m. Tuesday, April 12th. The tornado crossed Williamson County into the Salado area in Bell County, with reports of hail as well, ranging from baseball to golfball-sized.

Blackburn said the tornado caused extensive damage, reducing buildings to rubble and scattering power lines, but he was glad to report that no fatalities were reported due to the storm.

Blackburn said cleaning up the damaged homes and restoring power lines is a priority.

Officials with the Bell County Sheriff’s Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety are reporting a large amount of debris and downed power lines on FM 2843 between Salado and Florence. Right now, the road is closed, with only local traffic being allowed through, according to KXAN.

Which County in Texas Has the Most Tornadoes?

According to NOAA data, the most tornadoes have been recorded in Harris County, Texas with a total of 242. Hale County, north of Lubbock, is ranked second, with 132 tornadoes for the same time period.

The most tornadoes reported in a single year was 258 in 2015, including the largest outbreak in Central Texas history.

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