It's been a few years since I first enrolled in college.  Okay, it's been a few decades.  I remember the cost of going to college was $8 per semester hour.  I also remember thinking how outrageous it was when the university I was attending decided to bump that up to $12 per semester hour.

To say that the cost of college has gone up since then would be a massive understatement.  As a result, numerous young men and women who would like to advance their education simply don't have the means.  Thankfully, Angelina College has introduced a program that can help those in that situation.

Angelina College for the 2022-2023 academic year will offer “Come to AC, First Year Free” for high school or home school students from Angelina County who graduate in May of 2022. That includes any students who may have been enrolled as dual-credit students at AC.

While some students are eligible for financial aid when first enrolling in college, there remains a gap long unaddressed for those who do not qualify for federal aid but whose families are still unable to foot the bill financially. According to AC president Dr. Michael Simon, the “First Year Free” initiative allows those students to earn other financial aid opportunities through academic performance.

“The First Year Free initiative directly aligns with AC's mission, which is to help students reach their full potential,” Simon said. “Our initiative aims to remove financial barriers that prevent students from achieving their academic goals.”

Students looking to benefit from the first year of free tuition and fees must complete the federal financial aid forms (FAFSA), the Angelina College scholarship application and enroll for 15 credit hours per semester.

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