Road conditions in Lufkin and Nacogdoches have continued to deteriorate today February 15th 2021. Lufkin and Nacogdoches police are advising that conditions are just getting worse. If you are not an essential worker, please don't go out. Lufkin Police have had to pull their own vehicles out of the snow.

Overnight we not only had a lot of snow, the temperatures went below freezing, and will continue to be that way. Then on top of that, customers started experiencing what was believed to be rolling blackouts, but now we have seen that it wasn't the case.

Lufkin Police Department
TRAFFIC ALERT: Road conditions (though not ideal to begin with) are QUICKLY deteriorating. Snow-covered roads are getting packed down and turning into ICE. The major roadways you see outlined in gray (ALL OF THEM) have iced. We have even had to pull our own emergency vehicles out of the ice and snow today. We cannot stress this enough, if you are not an essential worker, STAY HOME. You can monitor real-time road conditions at

If you lost power around 2am last night, and you still don't have power, that is not a rolling blackout. There have been massive system failures in the power grid of Texas. In a day where the temperatures won't kick above freezing, one in four Texans don't have power.

This is the type of issues that we have to deal with after a Hurricane, not after a bit of snow. At least after a Hurricane, if you aren't flooded out, you at least have running water. Right now many of our friends and neighbors don't have water or electricity. 

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Most homes in our area are designed to stay cool in the summer, not really for the winter. So they become very inefficient when the temperatures drop this low. This leads to failures across the grid due to the loads, and some power plants across Texas are not running.

Texas is on it's own power grid so we can't get power from other states. Lots of things have gone wrong for this to happen. Stay off the roads, conserve power, and keep your mask on if you go out. 

Snow Pics 2021

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