Drinking water, eating sugar or having a friend scare you are a few of the hundreds of purported hiccup remedies. However, none of them has worked for Micky Cheney, who has been hospitalized for over a week with a case of hiccups that just won't go away.

It all started for the Acton, Maine, man when he began hiccuping on November 5. When the constant spasms hadn't ended by November 9, the 39-year-old checked himself into the hospital. The father of four throws up about 10 times a day, due to the hiccups, and can only sleep after taking a strong sedative.

"It's been miserable,' Cheney told WCSH6 Portland. "I don't hold food down, I don't sleep that well unless I get a sleeping aid to help knock me out to sleep."

With his wife and kids by his side, Cheney remains hospitalized. He's lost about 15 pounds during the ordeal, but there is a glimmer of hope. Doctors think the hiccups are a result of an excess of stomach acid and believe that if they can get that under control they can get them to stop.

On the other hand, the world record for continuous hiccups is 68 years, set between 1922 and 1990 by an unfortunate soul named Charles Osborne. That's probably one record Cheney, and his family, would rather not claim.

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