***Prices shown in this article are what it could be worth if you find the right buyer and the box and tape are in great condition. We, in no way, are saying you can get rich because of your Disney VHS collection. This is just a guide to use.***

Some of us of a certain age remember having in our family's movie collection many different Disney animated movies. Those animated movies were on these bulky, rectangular, black, VHS (which stands for Video Home System) tapes.

I know in our home we had Aladdin, Lion King, The Little Mermaid, one or two of the Herbie movies and, I think, Lady and the Tramp. I, personally, watched Aladdin and Lion King at least 1,432 times. I think my sister ended up taking them for her kids. I need to make a trip to Lindale and look those over to see if they have the markings of a valuable Disney VHS tape.

The first thing you need to look for is a black diamond on the spine of the box that says "The Classics" according to ksat.com. These were released between 1984 and 1994 as the "Black Diamond Collection" and could be worth $50 to $250 to the right buyer if in great condition.

A phrase to look out for is "A Walt Disney Classic" above the title of the movie on the VHS itself. This will add some value to it. And some cover art was discontinued shortly after release which can make the value go way up.

Again, you won't get rich off your Disney VHS collection but it's worth looking into and you just might make come into some folding cash.

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