One thing we have a lot of in East Texas is Car Salespersons. There is virtually no way around having to buy a car in our area. Everything is so spread out, and to get from town to town for jobs and other necessities, it's a thing. Car and Truck culture is huge here, and having a great salesperson to help you on that journey is paramount.

Some of the car salespersons in our area are pretty smokin' hot. If you look good, you feel good, and that usually also leads to success. Have you had contact with a car salesperson, friend, or related to one in some way that you think is super hot stuff? How about filling out our registration form below, and getting them the recognition they deserve for their superior genes or amazing personalities. Conventional good looks could always be trumped by an amazing attitude. .

There can be only one hottest car salesperson in all the land. But first we have to find out who they are, so nominate your favorite. Share this post to get the word out that the search is on, and once identified, get ready to to vote on them soon. We will run this nomination process for the next two weeks, don't worry I'll remind you.

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