People are always looking for new "get-rich-quick" schemes, and East Texas is no exception to this rule. If you're one of those people, this might be just the idea for you.

Parking School.

Have you seen some of the parking jobs around our area lately? They're unbelievable! Those fancy yellow, blue, and white lines don't mean a thing! It seems like the thought process is, "Well, I'm in the parking lot, and that's good enough for me." Never mind the fact that there are individually marked spaces for your car to land in.

Go with me on this one. You can teach people how to park their cars. I think it's brilliant. People pay you money, and you teach them how to park correctly in apartment complexes, grocery stores, doctors' offices, schools, etc.

And, on top of that, you could - if you so choose - charge extra for different types of vehicles. If you're teaching parking skills to someone with a standard-shift transmission, you could charge a different price - higher or lower, your choice - than someone with an automatic transmission. Same thing applies to different size vehicles. For example, you could charge more for someone with a large truck vs. someone in a small car.

Again, it's brilliant. And, I think that East Texas...or actually, ALL OF THE U.S., could benefit from it. But, until then, please just check your parking. Maybe we can change those bad parking jobs one car at a time.

*SIDE NOTE: If you do start a parking school because of this post, I want credit for it.*


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