We are back at it! This time poking and prodding into what makes you a true East Texan from Nacogdoches!

You may remember when we did the You Know You're From Lufkin When ... post, which we had a lot of fun with. Be sure to leave comments on what all we left out.

Nacogdoches seems to always be changing so many of our observations are just remembering where a certain business or building once was ... I.E. The Laundromat, The Annex, Buck's Pizza.

Before we get to your town in this ongoing series, send your "Know You're From _____" ideas to me at seanericson@townsquaremedia.com


Let's see how well we know Nac!

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    Avoiding North Street

    You have to avoid North Street when College is in session.

    Submitted by Danielle Evanicky

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    Ghost Stories

    You Know Where Hatchet Man Road Is.

    Submitted by Stacy Spurr EA

    There's an urban legend/ghost story that is known by most folks in Nacogdoches. Post Oak Road is an old timey little bridge with a spooky history. We're not sure what is true and what's not, but we know where Hatchet Man Road is.

  • Getty Images/Ingram Publishing
    Getty Images/Ingram Publishing

    Getting or Giving Old Directions

    When you give directions based off where things were 30 years ago.

    Submitted by Princess-Michele Pierce Simpson

    Also, a general rule of thumb is when you're giving directions to another city and your 1st instruction is “Turn right (or left) on North Street.

  • BigRigTravels via YouTube
    BigRigTravels via YouTube

    Rough Roads

    You remember when North Street was only 2 lanes.

    Submitted by Pam Hartless Rodrigues and Renee French Hurst

    Things aren't much easier with the two extra lanes.

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    The Mall

    You have to go to Tyler or Lufkin to shop in a mall!

    Submitted by Regina Collins

    This one seems a bit harsh, because the Nacogdoches Mall has some great shops still. It's the only place I can think of to get Pho, and a strawberry Icee!

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    Outdoor Dating

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    Hometown Horseback

    It tends to happen living in Texas. Although, a lot more horse riders seem to have moved to Lufkin.

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Car Washes

    It becomes a neverending battle when that pollen starts getting kicked up in the Spring.

    You still see people riding horses to the football games.

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    The Expo Center

    When something BIG is going on at the EXPO and the entire population of Nacogdoches is in the arena.


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    The News

    Everyone knows all the news before it’s published. Social media hasn't made this any harder for us to get the news before we see it on T.V. or in the paper.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Spotting Friends

    You don't have to wait on that High School reunion to see your old friends at the store, in the mall, or at the pharmacy. We thought about using a picture of someone excited with open arms, but we decided to go with a more realistic image.

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    No Place Like Home

    No matter where you go in this world, Nac will always be a part of you. It's more of a state of mind than a place on a map.

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