How far would you walk for a cause?

Erik Bendl has become known as “World Guy,” and just keeps walking and walking to bring attention to diabetes. So far he’s walked more than four thousand miles, including East Texas.

He’s gained quite a Facebook following, and he has fans and followers on his blog. He’s just now passing through East Texas. Did you see him? We’ll recap where he’s been.

Last Friday he walked from Wells to Alto. Yesterday he walked along Highway 175 near Jacksonville, rolling his giant globe the whole time and accompanied by his beloved dog who journeys with him.

How far has he come? World Guy started the walk January 11 in Alabama, and has walked across Mississippi and Louisiana, and now Texas.

World Guy tells us on his blog, that his mother passed away from diabetes and he walks to celebrate her memory, and to encourage others to get up and move.

Erik Bendl plans to keep on walking, and will be in Dallas by mid-April.

And what’s with the globe? Bendl says a friend was about to throw it away and he rescued it from the trash heap. It has become his signature on the walk.

At least World Guy is walking in Texas in the spring and not July or August, especially with all that gear on. Happy trails, World Guy!