With all the craziness happening in the news, it's nice to appreciate the fact that our local law enforcement is full of well rounded men and women, with great heads on their shoulders.

This Nacogdoches police officer knows how to get down and boogy. He's got the moves, and now everyone knows it! Too bad when we do get attention from outside news sources, they tend to get our names wrong. You can hear the anchor call Officer Justin Tindall, "John Tindall." Come on man ...

When your brother ends up on the news as the next "viral sensation". Justin Tindall

Posted by Michael Hetrick on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

This Lufkin Lt. exemplifies the "Serve" portion of the motto, "Serve and Protect" Also here's a link to the story we did when this video first started to go viral. Click here.

It's not all fun and games however. Watch as our boys in blue gather to honor their fallen brothers just last year when the "All Lives Matter" movement began.

If all of this wasn't enough to convince you about how great our East Texas officers are, check this out.

Yep ... That's Lufkin's own Sheriff Greg Sanches with THE Chuck Norris. We're surprised the universe didn't implode as soon as this picture was taken. Greg has been a staple at the station, he always comes through for us in a crisis.  He was also instrumental in amazing new programs at the Angelina County Jail, like the garden that has surpassed everyone's explications! I can't say enough about all of our local law enforcement agencys.