You don't turn in an assignment, you get a zero. I'd say that's a pretty fair statement. You don't do any work, you don't get any credit. However, that looks to be changing in some school districts in the nation, and they're enforcing it...harshly.

According to WFAA 8 out of Dallas, a Florida teacher was fired for not following her school's "no zeros" policy. The lowest grade that a student can be given is a 50%. That means that a student could just refuse to turn in anything, and they've automatically got half of the credit.

I was blown away when I saw this:

Now, I understand that zeros can drop grades rather quickly, and that they make it hard to bring grades back up. However, if the student does ZERO work, they have earned that ZERO grade.

But now, my question is: Do any of our schools in Deep East Texas have "no zeros" policies? And, if they do, are they enforced like this? Or, do our schools have policies more along the lines of, "You get the grade you earn..."? Sound off in the comments below. And, while you're doing that, let us know your thoughts on if a "no zeros" policy is a good thing...or not.


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