So everyone is buzzing about some new super hero calling himself the Superb Owl. Would you watch a show called Superb Owl?

Is he Marvel or DC? Is it even a he? It seems as though he has a lot of depth in his character. An inner struggle, some kind of split personality, and there is a battle by outside forces to get to him. Here in Texas there were two different gangs trying to get to him. They both lost.

Apparently even the sponsors are a big deal during these epic battles inside of his head.  Beer companies having sales going on, everyone is buying chips and dip. I don't know what is going on?  Do you?

Who would participate in such a fowl act. Some patriots packing and stealing falcons? In the past those patriots had deflated egos, but now they are up to their old tricks.

This may or may not be an accurate recent picture of the Superb Owl.  I think his head is oddly shaped, and only aerodynamic if he flew sideways.  Perhaps if you put a spiral on him, and really whipped him at someone. What does he have to do with football?

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Superb Owl

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