How can a state with so many smart people in charge have so many financial problems?

Nearly 90 percent of all legislators in California have a bachelor's degree or higher, the highest percentage of any state legislature in the US. Of course, considering the well-known money issues plaguing the state, maybe it's time voters elect someone who majored in economics.

A total of 89.9 percent of legislators in the Golden State went to college, beating out the 88.6 percent from Virginia, which came in second.

A hair under 75 percent of all legislators around the country received at least a bachelor's degree. If that's true, why did Anthony Weiner do something so dumb?

New Hampshire brought up the rear, with only 53.4 percent of legislators seeking to enlighten their minds at an institute of higher education. To be fair, the results came from self-reported information and accurate figures for that state were tough to come by because New Hampshire has a uniquely large, part-time legislature.

New Jersey, a state that's often the target of many a joke, emerged as the legislature with the most lawmakers holding graduate degrees. Sixty percent of those in the Senate and Assembly can make that claim.

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