Wealthy American treasure-hunter Bill Warren says he wants a definitive answer to that question, so he will launch an extensive and expensive underwater search to find Osama Bin Laden's body and prove it once and for all.


Warren says he thinks the American people deserve to know that Bin Laden is really dead, or not.  ‘We do this because we are patriotic Americans and feel that President Obama failed to provide the proof."

He says he doesn't think the White House will tell the truth about this.  "I do not trust my government or Obama."

The official story is that a U.S. Navy SEAL team tracked Bin Laden down and killed him in Pakistan, and later buried him at sea from the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier somewhere in the northern Arabian Sea.

The Navy says his body was placed in a 'weighted bag' on a flat board, a Chaplain provided a Muslim burial ceremony, and the board was tipped into the sea.

No other details of the burial or location have been released.

Warren says his plan is to recover the body that was buried at sea and do a DNA test to confirm, or disprove, the truth of the Navy's story.

Warren says he will use several boats using hi-tech equipment in the search, and he knows going in that it will cost nearly half a million dollars of his own money.

Bill Warren has a lot of experience in underwater salvage.  He became a commercial diver in 1972 and has owned several underwater salvage companies since then.  He also has a reputation for being "eccentric."

No one in the American or middle eastern Islamic community has had any reaction to Warren's plans, so far.


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