When my family first moved to Lufkin, we moved our trailer to the Scenic Acres Mobile Home Subdivision. Shortly afterward we were blessed enough to buy a home inside the loop.

I was very young, so I only have pictures and video for proof. The entire time I have been in Lufkin I would drive by it and there were trailer homes inside.

Once property values in the area went up, so did the for-sale sign. Residents of the trailer park knew it was for sale for years.

Residents Move Out Of Scenic Acres Mobile Home Subdivision In Lufkin

Once it finally sold, they had to move out and find a new spot to call home. Some felt they had plenty of time, while some did not.

I took some time to drive out to the property today. It's easy to spot right behind the Palms Shopping Center in Lufkin.

Every last home was gone, but the office and laundry room were still there. Though I couldn't really remember living there it was a somewhat nostalgic trip.

I knew that soon things would look a lot different on that piece of property. When it was first built it was way on the outskirts of town, much like many of the trailer parks in the area now. This one finally could no longer hide from the growth in Lufkin.

What Will Go In The Scenic Acres Mobile Home Subdivision

There has been much speculation regarding what will be built where the Scenic Acres Mobile Home Subdivision was. The most believable one is a new grocery store.

Once I heard this rumor, I didn't think it was true. I imagined that the property was too small for that.

After driving around the property today, it's enormous. It goes behind all of the stores all the way to HWY 59/I69 and then backs up to the Courtyard Marriott.

Which Grocery Store Will Go In Behind The Palms Shopping Center

Rumors are just that, but from what I am seeing the most likely one is Brookshire Brothers. I have been envious of their new College Station location, since its grand opening.

If we had a Brookshire Brothers like that in our town it would be amazing. Some had said HEB, but there has been more talk about them building a larger store in their current location that seems more likely.

Either way, it's the end of an era for me and I am glad I took a quick drive around the area today. Take a look at a few of the photos and reminisce with me.

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