Nac is ... what? Let's see how Google finishes our questions about our hometowns.

If you type "Nacogdoches is" into Google, you'll get three typical and understandable questions, and one questionable statement.

Nasty roaches = Nacogdoches? What's the story behind this?

People really want to know where the dry counties are. Stand aside Google. I'll take it from here.

1. Angelina
2. We've been a wet county since 2006.
3. Is anywhere really a good place to live?
4. Not when it's raining.


East Texans. Let's see what Google thinks of East Texans.

1. East Texans for liberty. 'Nuff said.

2. Famous East Texans. Hmm...Adrian Peterson, Ben Wilkerson, and of course, Danny Merrell.

3. Grant East Texans can ... well, I'm not real sure about this one... Can anyone decipher what this was supposed to mean?

4. Why were the East Texans reluctant to leave. Well, here we go...they were reluctant to leave because East Texas has everything you could want! (Minus a professional sports team)

And finally, why do Texans...?

1. Why do Texans love Texas? Well, you see, we love EVERYTHING about Texas. From the Lone Star Flag, to the ever-changing seasons, to the professional sports teams, to the other diehard Texans. We don't mind Texas-transplants, as long as they don't bring up their home-state stories in a brighter light.

2. Why do Texans want to secede? Please refer to answer number 1.

3. Why do Texans hate Californians? .........

4. Why do Texans love guns? You have to understand, in Texas, the 2nd amendment isn't just a privilege, it's a way of life. Guns aren't just for protection here, they're for hobby and sport, as well. We like all of our constitutional rights, this just happens to be one of the more favorite ones.