A survey asked for opinions on the most attractive accent in America, and the results show it's not just a southern accent, in general, that's cool.  There's one specific part of the South that talks sexier than all the rest, and that's us.  Texas is sexy Y'all!

When I think of the most attractive accents in the world I don't usually think of our southern drawl first.  The French and British seem a little more charming and smooth than a Texas accent, but then we always tend to take for granted the greatness of what's around us because the grass is always greener. Turns out, we win the sexy bragging rights.

And, "Alright, alright, alright," is pretty sexy so maybe that's what people are thinking of when they vote for Texas accents as the sexiest.

Yougov did a recent survey and found out the Chicago accent is considered the least attractive in the country.  Da Bears.


The Texas accent came out as the most attractive. But there are so many different sounds that come out of our mouths across Texas, it's hard to know what they mean exactly.  We've got the deep southern drawl in some places, along with transplants from all over the country that bring their northern blend to the South, and we can't forget that cajun greatness that bleeds over into Texas from Louisiana too.  We're a hodgepodge and a bit of a mess, but as long as we've got Matthew McConaughey I guess we'll be sexy as heck.

New York and Boston accents were the 2nd most attractive accents, according to the survey.

Here's the big secret.  Most of us in Texas don't really seem to have any accent at all, or just a slight one if that.  Do you think?  Sometimes "pie" comes out "pah," and "oil" comes out "ole," I guess, but as long as the rest of the world thinks we're always talkin' sexy, that's totally cool.  We're fixin' to be even more attractive than we thought.

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