Growing up here, I've seen a lot of things come and go. Some were good. Some...well...not so much. But either way, they still made up what I've called home for almost 24 years. As I was thinking back on some of the different things that have gone away, I started making a list. This is it. Take a ride through some memories with me.

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    I didn't get the chance to pass through the legendary doors and onto the hardwood floors due to my age, but I still remember it, and the name it made for itself, not only in East Texas, but across the state.

  • Blockbuster


    Yes, we had an account with them. I actually miss the movie rental places...

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    Toys R Us

    Ooooh...this one held lots of memories for me as a kid. It was THE place for games, toys, you name it.'s no longer a thing...

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    I remember each of the different locations in Nac for this one. Yes, it became more about movie rentals, but I still categorize it as a bookstore.

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    Waffle House

    Yes, indeed, this was one that is STILL severely missed...

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    H-E-B In Nacogdoches

    I know there's still one in Lufkin...but show Nac some love!