Thinking of names for kids and pets seems kinda boring compared to the fun people have naming boats.  Boat owners can come up with some doozies, and it makes us curious about the best ones you've seen around East Texas.  Send 'em in!

I was on vacation recently in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and came across a boat parked near my path while I was out for a morning run.  I thought it was just an ordinary boat at first, but oh no.  It was "The Merri Yot" and I had to stop and snap a pic.  Boat owners are a unique bunch.

Right away we can probably assume two things about the owner of "The Merri Yot."  One, this person likely knows how to make any ordinary thing interesting.  And two, being on that boat would probably not suck.  I bet there would be a cooler stocked full of fun and festive beverages on board, and maybe some squirt cheese to go with along with some fancy brie, and they would answer every "Why" question with "Why the heck not?"  These folks would be easy to hang out with.

This makes me think about what other clever boat names might be docked around our lakes, and I'd love for you to add to the list.  Here are some thought-starters that I've seen in various places around the webPinterest has several good ones.

Funny and Clever Boat Names

Kids' Inheritance

Seas the Day

She Got the House

Knot Shore

In a Meeting

My Xanax

Pier Pressure


The Cod Father

Ship Faced

Nauti Buoy

What's the best boat name you've seen around East Texas?  Give some love to these creative Texas floaters and send them to me, and if you have a picture please attach it.  If we get enough names we'll post a little poll and vote for the best.  Just email me at

Yeah Buoy!  Hey, that's a good one.

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