The Super Bowl is coming up Sunday, and it will probably have very little to do with football.  In addition to the snacks, beer, and commercials, there will be some odd little bets you can make, if you're so inclined, on everything from the length of the National Anthem to the number of times President Trump will tweet about the game.

I've never been a betting person because I'm able to find all sorts of other creative ways to effectively light my money on fire, but if you're into wagerin' this may appeal to you.  Vegas has some ultra-creative ways to really get after your goals of blowing money in 2019.

Will POTUS post during the game?  You'll be able to place a wager on whether or not President Trump will tweet Sunday night.  It could give new meaning to "post game."  You'll also be able to wager on whether or not he'll congratulate the winning team before midnight on February 3rd.

Other odd prop bets for Super Bowl 53:

--  The length of Gladys Knight's National Anthem - over or under 107 seconds.

-- Whether Adam Levine will take a knee during the halftime show

-- If Chick-fil-A will open a stadium location and serve on a Sunday when all of its restaurants are closed.

-- If any player will use a prop during a touchdown celebration

-- If any actor will wear a Colin Kaepernick jersey during a commercial

-- Will Dilly Dilly be uttered during a Bud Light Commercial?

As the week goes on, they could add bets like the color of hair that the halftime show performers will have or the color of their clothes, how long the game will last, and how many times the announcers will say "Gronk."

Whether you're betting or making a drinking game out of all this, or just chillin' in the recliner taking it all in, it's gonna be a spectacle.  And it's best consumed with an enormous bowl of guac and a huge bag of chips.  Dilly Dilly!

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