"Is that doll making you nervous?"

While many of us are disappointed with the way the NFL's 2021 season ended, we can still relive the good times, completely inaccurately and out of context, thanks to Bad Lip Reading.

BLR parodies everything pop culture, including movies like Twilight, news events, music videos, and even political debates.

BLR has brought us ancient internet favorites like the Star Wars parody "Seagulls" with 120 million views and other very highly watched videos like "Bushes of Love" and "Carl Poppa." If you've avoided having a coworker stop you to watch one of these...congratulations on not having any coworkers, I guess.

"Jazz fingers!"

Patrick Mahomes makes several appearances in the video, which includes him providing the backing vocals to the ending song. My favorite Mahomes pseudo-quote is "I like to pretend I'm a creature of the night." Me too, buddy. The dubber for Mahomes couldn't help but add a bit of that, shall we say, vocal flavor that's reminiscent of Kermit the Frog.

Tom Brady makes several appearances in the video as well, including a reimagining of his infamous verbal altercation with the Chiefs' Tyrann Mathieu. Brady also gives us the sage advice: "Be yourself. Not a belt."

Another hilarious feature of the video is the fake player names. My favorites are Scope Snake and Tumor Stuff. Enjoy!

Patrick Mahomes: From East Texas To NFL Stardom

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