A 94 year old woman in Italy probably had no idea how much attention she would attract by leaving entire estate to her cat - Tommaso.

Her estate includes several homes, land, and cash.  $13 million dollars.

Well, the old lady has passed on, and her pampered feline is one rich kitty.

When her health started failing two years ago, Maria Assunta, who had no children, wanted to see that Tommaso was properly cared for after she died.  So, in November 2009, she rewrote her will to bequeath her entire estate to the alley cat that she'd rescued.

Initially, Assunta wanted to leave her state to an animal welfare association or group that could commit to look after Tommaso.

Unable to find a satisfactory association, Assunta decided to leave all her money and property to the cat -- via her own private nurse, Stefania, who cared for her until her dying day.

One of Assunta's lawyers says they are "convinced Stefania is the right person to carry out the old lady's wishes.  She loves animals just like the woman she devoted herself to right up until the end."

Stefania says Assunta just wanted to be sure Tommaso would be loved and cuddled when she was no longer around, so she promised to look after him when the time came.

Stefania also says she had no idea the old woman that she was caring for was so wealthy.

via Woman Leaves $13M Fortune to Pet Cat | ABC News Blogs - Yahoo! News.

Tommaso and former nurse Stefania, along with another cat, are living at a secret location outside Rome to avoid con artists and potential kidnappers.  Or cat-nappers?

What the old lady's family thinks about this hasn't been reported.