On April 25th, 2018, you may be seeing more folks wearing their denim duds no matter what the weather calls for. There's a reason behind that.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Family Crisis Centers, women shelters, and those who care are doing their parts to bring helpful, sometimes life-saving information to young people everywhere. Devoting a full month to inspirational speeches, eye-opening documentaries, marches of solidarity, self defense classes, and more, all seems pretty self explanatory. You can just hear about those events and understand what they're all about. But getting everyone to wear denim on the same day might be confusing at first.

You can learn all about "Denim Day" by doing a simple search online.

The idea is to inform people of the injustices of the past, so we won't falter in the future. There are many lessons you can gain from reading about the incident in 1992, or the several years that followed in the very public trial. It took more time than the entire trial to finally overturned their findings, and declare the "denim" defense no longer an option when defending those accused of rape.

By coming together and wearing denim on the current year's designated "Denim Day" opens the air for the ultimate goal ... prevention. Do your part in allowing for more people to understand just an inkling of the every day struggles of sexual assault victims, and making sure we never stand for excuses that enable acts of sexual assault.

Read up, and get involved somehow, even if it's something as small as wearing jeans on the same day as your friends.

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