It's 2017, and I don't care what's been said in the past, because it's time to set the record straight. Who has the best barbecue in East Texas?

We've got a poll set up, and you can only vote once, so make that vote count. If you've got friends that agree with you, there's nothing in the rules that says you can't make them aware of this ongoing poll, but in the end I want a real, honest answer from my fellow East Texans.

Have you ever tried the barbecue at Pitt Stop out past the Flying J's? Let us know how good they are in the comment section.

If you know a grill master, be sure to tag 'em or drop their name in the comments, because it would be a shame if some restaurant took the title just because they've got the advantage of being on the map.

Many Texans will tell ya that a good barbecue is worth the drive, so let's go ahead and ask this next question too.

Here's a gratuitous stock photo of some meat. You're welcome.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

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