Our Local 24 Hour IHOP was actually closed today when we drove by. Seems like they closed it for a bit to put on some new paint and facade. Hopefully it will re-open soon.

I called and they had even changed the answering machine message, so apparently they plan on being closed for awhile.

workers outside
TSM Lufkin Dan Patrick

I never really think about how at business that is always open gets things done. Occasionally they have to close down for maintenance, and that was the case today as the Lufkin IHOP got a new blue coat of paint. It looks like they're adding some new wood above the entrance too.  That iconic color that screams to you from the street " Come Get Some Pancakes!"

If you have some more information about when they will re-open we would be glad to hear it. I even already googled it for you, and not much comes up. Some guests that were privy to other IHOP remodels, say that the new decor was nicer, and not so busy. Though they reupholstered the seats and chairs, they didn't change the table tops.

I also found online some thoughts from back in 2015 about some new prototype designs, but at least from the outside, it didn't look that extensive. Back in November their last health inspection set them at 6 demerits, and it was due to temperature and food storage. Perhaps they are getting a new cooler as well.

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