We may be at each other's throats these days, but we shouldn't lose sight that we are the same in so many ways.

While it may seem like the sky is falling and the world is on the brink of crashing headlong into oblivion (seriously, look at your Facebook feed -- everyone is upset about something after this presidential election), this spot for TV 2 Denmark reminds us that while we are different we are also similar.

It's a commercial painted in a broad stroke, but it still deftly makes its point and resonates. So, while we are quick to judge and cast aspersions, it may be wise to remember that every person is just that -- a person. With likes and dislikes and experiences that help shape him or her. And you know what? You're bound to find something that will establish common ground.

Sure, it may sound Pollyanna, pie in the sky, glass is way more than half full, but there is some truth to it.

Now, go back to checking out the venom on your Facebook feed.

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