If you've got a wedding to go to this weekend, are you going to catch some college football on your smart phone during the ceremony?  It happens.  You can probably get away with it, unless you're the groom.

What are the other top spots that are forbidden for football-watching, but we do it anyway?

Weddings are a big one.  But we shouldn't be to blame, right?  Can't the bride and groom check football schedules for big games before they plan the wedding?  It's their fault we have to consult our smart phones to see if the Aggies are about to score.

Other top places we shouldn't watch football but do, include church, family functions, in class, and at work.  Perhaps we can blame all the cool mobile apps.  Those make it free and easy to keep up with the big game, and it's not like we're watching the entire game anyway.  We're just catching a quick glance now and then.  Mmm hmm.  And there's Fantasy Football to keep up with too.

The Cowboys are at the Eagles on Sunday, and the Texans visit the Panthers.  Those of us with the NFL Mobile app apologize for the notifications that go off every time a top player scores, trips, or sneezes.  Nothing gets past us.

The Aggies host the Nevada Wolfpack tomorrow, and the Longhorns host California. We promise to put the phone on silent at your wedding.

It's a perfect September football weekend.  On the phone.  Have fun.

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