In all likelihood, someone, somewhere, has attempted to scam you on the phone. It's also likely that you never even spoke to these thieves because you never answered the phone or just knew better than to fall for the scam. However, these criminals never stop trying new scams, because there's always someone else who will fall for it. It's all in the numbers.
If they make enough calls, they'll eventually run into someone willing to fork over their life savings.  And some of these are just plain "sales" tactics.  They're just trying to sell you something and they've found a way into your phone.

Recently the New York Post listed the five most common types of robocall scams that people fell victim to in 2018 and some of these you've seen before, but a couple are brand new.

1. Caller I.D. spoofing. This is where the call appears like it's coming from your own area code so you're more likely to answer.

2. The Chinese consulate scam. Obviously, unless you speak Mandarin, you've probably never even heard of this one, but it got a lot of people in 2018.   A message in Mandarin would tell victims that there's a package waiting for them at the consulate and you have to give up your credit card info to get the package.

3. Health insurance scams. First you get a robocall offering a better plan with a great discount. So you call back, and they ask for your bank information. Look out for that one, because there's usually an uptick in health insurance scams this time of year.

4. Search engine optimization scams. Small business owners got targeted by robocalls claiming they were about to be dropped from Google's index unless they paid up.

5. IRS scams. A robocall claims it's the IRS trying to get in touch with you about a tax bill. They make it sound extremely urgent, like you're facing jail time or a huge fine. And they'll even use fake IRS badge numbers to sound legit.

And according to the most recent studies, scammers are most likely to strike on Mondays with that single day each week accounting for approximately 24% of all fraudulent robocalls.

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