Would you like to play a TV series re-imagining of a game? Eko and MGM’s interactive update of 1983 Matthew Broderick classic WarGames has a brand-new trailer, along with a mid-March launch date on every platform from iOS to Steam and Xbox One.

Following their announcement last year, Interactive media group Eko released a new look at the interactive six-episode #WarGames series, which trades Global Thermonuclear War for a hacktivist bent. Beginning with its March 14 launch, viewers will direct the story of lead hacker protagonist Kelly by switching between video feeds, while the series “learns” from their choices and changes accordingly. The interactive reboot will be available on HelloEko.com, the Eko iOS app, Vudu.com, Steam, and eventually Xbox One.

Here’s how Eko and production partner m ss ng p eces describe the new series, as created by Her Story alum Sam Barlow:

‘#WarGames’ puts viewers in the middle of a tale of hacktivism, modern-day espionage and military intrigue. Through the point of view of a young woman seeking justice for her family, viewers will shape the story. Viewers will follow Jess Nurse (‘Scandal,’ ‘Grace and Frankie’) as Kelly, an ex-military brat turned hacker activist, as she and a team of international hackers band together in an attempt to bring about peace. As events escalate, they may have done more harm than good.

Also cast in #WarGames are Maba Ba, Teodora Cristea, Nolan Lyons, Lucy Walters, Rasha Zamamiri, Muhammad Cunningham, Dave Coleman, Yahya Moataz and Princeton Perez. You can watch the original WarGames trailer below, and stay tuned for more.

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