When you drive through East Texas, one of the most common things you're going to see is the American flag. You'll see small flags flying at people's homes, you'll see gigantic flags flying over car dealerships and other businesses. It just gives you a warm feeling to see the American pride that people are showing.

But what happens when those flags get old and torn? You can't just dispose of them in the garbage. They have to be properly retired. And, in honor of Flag Day (this Friday, June 14th), the Lufkin VFW Post 1836 is holding a Community Flag Retirement Ceremony.

Our friends Bill and Joe, who are members of VFW Post 1836 stopped by the station to tell us all about this event. It will take place on Friday, June 14th, at 11:00 AM at the Angelina County Farmer's Market. That's located at 2107 S. Medford Dr. Everyone in the community is invited, whether they're residents, or just passing through.

I really liked the quote they left with us, as well. Check it out:

"Once flown with dignity and respect,

Now tattered and torn, it's time to retire.

We have served our land with no regrets,

This is our last hooray! Our time to inspire."

So, if you're in Lufkin on Friday, make plans to stop by and attend the Community Flag Retirement Ceremony!

If you need any additional information, you can call 936-634-4133.



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