Donald Trump has not, at the time of this writing, conceded the election to Joe Biden. Trump and some of his stalwart supporters are doing all they can to get the dual messages out that “this election is NOT over” AND “if we say it in a crazy enough way maybe time will reverse itself”.

I’ve got to say, these Never-NOT-Trumpers make some good, rational arguments.

Here’s the President’s ACTUAL attorney Rudy Giuliani making the completely sane argument that Will Smith’s dead father voted twice so NUH-UH, Biden didn’t win.

Also, he said this in the parking lot of the Four Seasons…Total Landscaping Company right next to a porno shop called “Fantasy Island” because that’s what they were looking for in a venue and it had nothing to do with getting mixed up like when Spinal Tap got a 24 INCH Stonehenge instead of 24 Feet….

Here’s Trump’s personal pastor, a woman named Paula White who is, of course, one of those mega-church prosperity gospel con artists. She also happens to be married to the keyboard player from Journey because this is the version of reality we live in. She make a very logical case as to why Trump should get four more years:

Speaking of religious conmen, let’s check in on televangelist and “guy so holy he HAS to fly on private jets because demons might get him in first class” Kenneth Copeland. He’s going with the ol’ “if we just laugh maniacally at it maybe it’ll go away” approach.

Finally, have you been wondering what former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann has been up to? Yeah, me neither. But, apparently she can pray like a nut with the best of them…although, I’m afraid all her talk about “God smashing with his mighty iron rod” is going to make her husband Marcus horny for God!

I’m still standing by what I’ve said all along: Michele Bachmann is a stone FOX, with or without a corn-dog.

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