Yesterday when I started seeing pictures of the murals changes downtown, I thought there was hopes of saving it. Now looking today there are more holes than before, and bring it's existence into question.

The City of Lufkin has received many phone calls from concerned citizens about the changes to the mural on the building. They would like to let the public know that they no longer own this building.

It was purchased by Lee Trans Services in March of 2020. Lee Trans Services is owned by Gene Lee, and is father to a local Lufkin treasure. Author, blogger, TV Star, and public speaker - Melissa Radke.

Lee Trans Services has been making renovations since the building was purchased, but those had been kept to the inside, until recently. Now that work has moved outside, people are taking notice.

The City Of Lufkin had no idea that they would be making changes to the mural, until it was brought to their attention yesterday.

Since my first story yesterday there have been even more parts of the mural removed. They have boarded up the window cut outs, and there have been a few relief panels cut in the top of the mural.

I am all for progress in downtown Lufkin. This building is taking shape on the inside, and you can see a wide grand staircase though the opening facing South First Street.

I can also commiserate when citizens comment that their grandfathers face has been cut out of a mural downtown. The mural was painted in 1998 by Lance Hunter.

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The location will become something useful and interesting again. It will eventually be loft apartments upstairs, and offices downstairs.

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