You may remember a couple of months ago Angelina County Commissioners gave the Sheriff's office the green light to apply for a grant with the state of Texas to help crack down on underage drinking.  Deputies also got a $10,000 grant to buy portable breathalyzer machines.

The sheriff's office is serious about enforcing drinking laws, and right now they're especially focused on breaking up underage drinking parties.

A recent grant from the statewide Coalition recently helped members of the Angelina County Sheriff's Office train to break up the parties, and reinforced what to do when adults contribute to the problem.  With the warmer spring weather and end-of-school parties coming up, deputies know there will be plenty of socializing, and they just want those who are underage to have fun without alcohol.

Penalties for those caught taking part in underage drinking of course include steep fines and sometimes even jail time.  And deputies want Angelina County to know they're watching this spring.

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