One Texas woman is enjoying internet fame after posting a video showing a delivery driver actually complying with a 'decorative' doormat stating "Please hide packages from husband."

Vanessa O'Shea and her husband live in Haslet, which is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. In an interview with WFAA,  O'Shea explains the hilarious story behind her now viral post of a delivery driver taking the doormat missive to heart.

You see, there's a doormat on the O'Shea's front porch that reads, "Please hide packages from husband." O'Shea bought the quirky doormat from Kirkland's.

From Vanessa O'Shea's Facebook page
From Vanessa O'Shea's Facebook page

For the most part, delivery drivers have halfheartedly complied with the directive, putting packages under the mat. But one loyal Amazon delivery guy goes a step further after reading the missive, tucking the package safely behind some furniture on the front porch.

The O'Shea's were out to dinner when the alert came across the husbands phone that someone was at their door. Together, they chuckled as they watched the Amazon delivery guy safely tuck the package behind some front porch furniture.

Vanessa told WFAA she got such a kick out of the effort that she posted it online to show her appreciation for the delivery guy and the online retailer, never realizing the reach her post would get. To date, her post has over 43,000 reactions and it is nearing 200,000 shares!

But there's more!

Vanessa took to social media again to try and identify their favorite delivery guy...and it worked!

"The world needs more Gilbertos!" stated Vanessa, and we wholeheartedly agree!

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