Now that our brackets are busted and we're not cheering for ourselves anymore, it's time to toss those in the trash and really get behind our Texas teams.

There are two Texas teams left in the NCAA tournament, and I'm about to talk some trash and tell you exactly why they're gonna make the Final Four.  Believe it!

If you're a Longhorn fan, or a fan of Stephen F Austin, I know this whole idea of supporting the Aggies might cause pain and suffering.  And as someone who lived in Austin for five years I totally get it.  Texas is not a state that unifies and cheers on one team like we did in my home state of Nebraska because we've got a lot of teams here!  Our loyalties are divided and we cheer in sections because we've got so many good schools.  But we need a lil unity now.  Getting behind the Aggies or Red Raiders in the Sweet Sixteen seems somehow better than rolling over and waiting for the same ole Kansases and Dukes to win again.  Blah.  How boring.  Let's make some noise, Texas.

Texas A&M hit the skids at the end of February with a 3-game losing streak, but they turned things around after that and went on to rattle off three big wins and gain notice by the NCAA selection committee to earn a tournament berth.  The Aggies beat Providence last Friday and then dominated North Carolina on Sunday to make it to the Sweet Sixteen.  They're riding momentum, and momentum at the right time is the key to success whether it's basketball or going for a promotion at work.  With two wins this weekend, the Aggies will be in the Final Four, and you may be your company's next VP.  Good luck to all.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders beat Stephen F. Austin in the first round, and nipped Florida by three points in the second round.  The Red Raiders are consistent with the point totals..holy cow.  The number of times they've scored a total of between 66 and 74 points this season is unreal.  In the tournament so far, they've scored 69 and 70 points and won both games.  They've scored in the 80s and 90s a few times this season, but as long as you hold the opponent to less you win, and the Red Raiders are getting it done with defense right now.  They'll hold Purdue to 65 points and win by seven in the Sweet Sixteen game Friday night I'm thinkin'.  Believe it.

Here's the schedule for our Texas teams in the Sweet Sixteen:

Thursday March 22 at 6:37 p.m. Central time on TBS. (7) Texas A&M vs. (3) Michigan

Friday March 23 after the West Virginia/Villanova game on TBS. (3) Texas Tech vs. (2) Purdue

Come on Longhorns, it won't kill us to wear some red or maroon today and tomorrow to show a little love to a fellow Texan.  It'll be good for the soul, and it will make the sports bars even more fun this weekend.  Gig 'em!

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