You know what? Maybe you should just stay home.

Snow is wreaking havoc on a good chunk of the country and if you don't believe it, look at this clip over the weekend from I-35, just outside of Faribault, Minn.

The line of cars, a combination of bad weather and accidents stemming from the bad weather, is even longer than the line at the supermarket you wait on while trying to stock up milk, bread and eggs. Heidi Ubben, who posted the video, estimated the traffic went on for five miles, which, if there's anything worse than sitting in traffic, it's sitting in traffic while a blizzard takes place outside your windows.

The traffic eventually proved too much for Ubben and the man traveling with her. They elected to pull off the road and stay at a hotel, which, based on the mess that was I-35, appears to have been a wise decision.

Hopefully, they got home safe and sound -- and, hopefully, the elements didn't have their way with the house, either.

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