Chad Prather is a Youtuber that calls himself "unapologetically southern." And he loves Texas so much, it really bugs him when outsiders complain about our state.  Have you seen this?

Chad's message to people who gripe about Texas is quit complainin'!  Even native Texans find things to complain about, but any state with Whataburger, Shiner, and Stevie Ray Vaughan can't be all that bad.  Texas food and Texas music might beat any state head-to-head, or at least we're cocky enough to make that argument.

Chad says on his Youtube channel, "Just a few of my personal observations about everyday life and all the craziness it involves."

We're sure you have things to add, so we'll watch for your selfie videos on Youtube too.  Just get yourself a cowboy hat and upload from the car.

One thing though Chad.  Isn't it the "Guad-uh-LOO-pay" River?

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