This is the most unusual thing about a vacuum since the decision to spell it with two consecutive u's.

Get a listen to the horrifying sound this vacuum makes while it does its job. There's always a chance the sound is being made from the man operating it, but we prefer to think it's on the level because if there's one thing we know it's that if it looks real and it's on the Internet then there's just no way it can be fake. Who would do that?

The sound is pure fear. If we had to describe it we'd say it's the sound a woman who's been kidnapped in a movie makes when she's gagged and the bad guy is coming at her with a buzzsaw to scare the holy heck out of her -- and the audience.

Listening to a vacuum make this kind of noise also proves that maybe dogs have a good reason for being so darned scared of them. Like sensing when a bad storm is coming, it seems they can just tell these contraptions are up to no good.

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