The prom did not get off to a good start for this teen.

Austin Cooper was walking down a set of stairs with his girlfriend and prom date, Jordyn McManus, when he slipped, inadvertently becoming an Internet sensation in the process.

The incident took place last weekend at Jordyn's house. The couple managed to let the whole thing roll off their backs.

"My back was hurting during the whole night of prom but I stuck with it and manned up," Cooper told Mashable.

Jordyn, meanwhile, has found the humor in the whole matter. "I was laughing for about 10 minutes and couldn't stop watching the video throughout the night," she said. "It was great."

She's hardly the only person to embrace the slip. The clip has been retweeted well over 110,000 times and liked nearly 300,000 times. The twittersphere has been buzzing about the fall to end all falls, too.

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