A lot of El Pasoans enjoy taking a quick road trip to Elephant Butte for some fun in the sun. The reason some prefer Elephant Butte is because it is closer than other places.

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But if you ever want to venture out further there is another spot to ride the water. If you're hoping to get out of El Paso for some time, make sure you hit up Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

If you have not heard about Stillhouse Hollow Lake that is because it is 9 hours away. What a lot of other people don't know is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reservoir.

It is not far from Austin, Texas, and definitely looks like a lot of fun like Elephant Butte. Just refer to Quad Scenery's YouTube video directly below of Stillhouse Hollow Lake.

The video shows the different angles from a bird's-eye-view of the lake. After you watch Quad Scenery's YouTube video it may tempt you to try a new spot out for a future boating adventure.

It sort of almost reminds you of those secluded islands that are far away except not this lake. The only kind of long-distance traveling you will need to do is about 585 miles.

Gas prices may be high but it still beats paying thousands of dollars to do in another country. Stillhouse Hollow Lake is about 5 miles Southwest of Belton, Texas.

So if you have been in need of some island vibes Stillhouse Hollow Lake should be your number one choice. This spot seems like a private island when it's just a lake in Texas.

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