The roads in Nacogdoches aren't really that bad, all things considered. I mean, there are several that need some maintenance, but for the most part, they're alright. However, there are those select few that are in need of a lot of help.

What you're about to see is Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. It's the road that goes right by Pilgrim's Pride, NIBCO, and Lone Star Feeds, on the south side of town.

via Google Maps
via Google Maps
Mark Cunningham

If you can't tell from the pictures above, this road has a lot, I mean A LOT of traffic. With all of the eighteen-wheeler traffic that goes on it per day, it winds up with lots of cracks, potholes, ruts, etc.

However, my question to you is this: Is Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard the worst road in Nacogdoches? It's got my vote for sure. If you're driving on it, you sure to experience quite the rough ride.

What are your thoughts? Do you think there is a road in Nac that goes farther down the list than this one? Let us know in the comments below, either by comment, or by dropping a picture in.