Maybe you saw the article this week that highlighted how much money we spend each year on pothole-related problems.

Potholes are a huge problem all over the country, causing dents, scrapes, and flat tires.  If you know of a pothole in Lufkin that needs to be fixed, here's how you can report it.

What causes potholes anyway?  It's usually water.  Flooding can cause potholes, and so can snow and icy conditions.  Anything that gets into cracks in the pavement and causes more expanding and contracting can create a hole.  Temperature fluctuations play a big part too.

AAA says hitting a pothole can cause $300 in vehicle damage.  Yuck!  If we have to hit one, we're supposed to slow down, release the brakes, and straighten out the steering wheel before we roll into it, and that's supposed to minimize the damage.

If you run across a spot plagued by potholes in Lufkin, you can report it HERE.  There are quite a few spots where we might have to swerve to avoid a big clunk and a few choice words that probably have four letters.

One pothole can cost between a thousand and two thousand dollars to fix, and the City of Lufkin spends a lot of time and energy doing it. Let them know where you see them, to save them a little leg work!

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